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Steve Berglund

Mastercraft Natural Cleaning BBB Business Review

We first joined the Better Business Bureau in 1966. We have an A+ rating.

How can dry cleaners be Eco-Friendly when they dry clean your garments in solvents and create hazardous waste?

About Our NEW Wet Cleaning System

  • We Use Fresh Water with 22 carefully selected computer programs to Safely process all garments from cashmeres and delicate wools to comforters.
  • Yes, we have replaced dry cleaning solvents with Water! Never worry again about “Solvent Odors” or “Residual Residue” left in your garments.
  • We don’t generate any Hazardous Waste.
  • Our Dryer uses a Moisture Control Sensor. This guarantees no shrinkage because the garment temperature is maintained at or below 110 degrees.
  • We remove the Residue Dry Cleaning Leaves behind.

Dry Cleaners still use the same solvent over and over. These solvents are stored in base tanks under the dry cleaning machines and it is replaced as it evaporates.

The “New Green” Dry Cleaning solvents still create Hazardous Waste. It is created from the use of filters, still sludge, and vacuum waste water. This waste is stored in the plant until it is collected and sent to a hazardous waste disposal site.

Solvent dry cleaning temperatures range from 130 to 150 degrees. The heat is necessary to remove the solvent. The thermostat used is similar to the one found on household dryers.

Unlike solvents, our professional Wet Cleaning System eliminates shrinkage, leaves no odor, no residue and no hazardous waste. All cleaning products are biodegradable and approved by the EPA.
Please see our certificate of compliance.

The Wet Cleaning Advantage

Wet Cleaning is the safest process to clean your clothes. Unlike the new “Green” solvent dry cleaning systems, there is no odor, solvent residue, or toxic waste.

Compared to Solvent Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaners RE-USE the same solvent on all garments.
It is replaced as it evaporates.

Mastercraft Wet Cleaning Removes the Residue Dry Cleaning leaves behind.

  • The five garments shown below were taken to a local dry cleaner to be dry cleaned in one of their new alternative “Green” solvents.
  • We then immersed each garment, one at a time, in fresh, clear water and a small amount of our clear cleaning solution.
  • The residue left in the garments is shown below.